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Alternative Flooring That You Can Count On

Discovering The Alternative Flooring Solutions

Car in mechanic shop rests on top of alternative flooring.A desk and chair rest on top of an alternative flooring solution.Wet flooring with inset drain depicted.

There are so many different kinds of alternative flooring that can be used for different types of businesses. For instance some look at cork, leather or bamboo, but that presents many problems of course. Terrazzo is beautiful but if something heavy is dropped, it can shatter. Alternative flooring can also mean concrete, but even concrete needs to have some kind of overlay on it.

You can look at having concrete acid stained, but woe to you if you need something that is imperiously sealed, or concrete that will suffer through the use of heavy machinery. What if you need alternative flooring that is abrasion resistant due to the passage of goods on trucks, or pallets, or perhaps you need some kind of non-slip flooring?

For commercial usage, nothing but nothing can beat Silikal. It will set up in a scant hour, and unlike tile systems, will never have breakdowns of the product that allows dirt, watery products, mold and bacteria to grow underneath it. In addition an odor problem develops too under tile.

Alternative flooring may mean designed urethane concrete to you, but if you look at Silikal you will find that it is far superior. Urethane concrete will allow infinitesimal holes to appear, and again you have breakdowns of the system. Silikal bonds so much deeper, and that’s why you will find that it is a much superior product. Urethane concrete, epoxy and many other polyurethanes may actually require you to be down from 24 hours to even 3 days but Silikal is going to return you to service within one hour!

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