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So Many Kinds Of Liquid Floor Refinishing, So Which Is Supreme?

Liquid floor refinishing is a wise choice, but what is the foremost option?

Glasses Store With MMA Liquid Floor Refinishing In OpperationFresh Seafood Market After Liquid Floor Refinishing

If you are seeking commercial liquid floor refinishing, it’s no wonder that you are confused. Everyone is trying to sell you one thing or another, but you may have special requirements for your liquid floor refinishing, and therefore do not know which is going to be best for your floor.

After all you will run into liquid floor coatings, polyurethane (PU) floor coatings, resin based liquid floor refinishing, polymer modified cementitious floor coatings, and seamless coatings among others, all of which will give you varying failure analysis concrete moisture and alkalinity testing results, which will confuse you even more!

So yes, what you probably need is a seamless flooring system, and one that will not wear out on you, as well as being corrosion free and also is a reactive resinous floor system. Thus, you are looking for liquid floor refinishing that contains Methyl Methacrylate or, as it is known in the flooring industry MMA.

However, if you do your research on various MMA seamless flooring systems, you will find that not all MMA systems are alike. You see only Silikal liquid floor refinishing actually uses an enhanced MMA. Whereas MMA liquid floor refinishing will give you a complete seal, it will not be wear free, and will probably have to be refinished again and again. Silikal liquid floor refinishing will give you all that you seek, as well as not need to be refinished again. What’s more is that Silikal liquid floor refinishing will set up permanently in just one hour, thus it requires no more down time than that for your business!

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